• Who I Am

    A 20 year-old content creator with witty comebacks and an insatiable love for almond butter

    The Reality

    “Never too young to start an empire”

    By age 14, I was hosting my own radio show. By 18, I was one of three women hosting the only Spanish radio show on Canadian FM dials. At 20, I am currently a television host and producer on the largest ethnic TV channel in Canada. This summer 2018, I will be co-launching an initiative that promotes female producers, directors and hosts and supports women in the media industry.

    The Dream

    “We make our own fairytales”

    I want to travel the world and use my platform to create awareness about the problems that we need to prioritize. I want young women to look at my journey and know that you shouldn’t fear being the underdog. Women can create, direct, produce, write, research, edit, film, host and/or act without having to be afraid of inferiority or abuse of power. I want to prove that there is power in female-driven content and that we are a force to be reckoned with.